It’s All About A Perfect and Healthy Hair Smoothing.

Here you have all you need to deliver the perfect smoothing for any type of hair, doesn’t matter the circumstance.

Hair Chronogram

The most powerful sequence of treatments that your customers will love.

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Home Care

The perfect daily care that your customers need to keep hair safe, beautiful and straight for longer.

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100% Exclusive Professional Products For You.

Do you think it’s fair your customer get access to the same professional products that you use at your salon?

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We believe that a professional brand must keep their products totally exclusive for professionals.

After study, invest and work so hard to become a professional, this is the minimum you deserve.

That’s why we have entirely changed our business model and now you can buy our products directly from our factory with no thirdies involved.

It means that Nutraliss products are available only in our official channels.

This way we can make sure that our products will never be available at drugstores, cosmetics shops and online stores.

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When you buy directly from us you can save up to 50% in all your purchases.

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