The Miracle

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The Carbon Secret, by Nutraliss, is a professional shampoo that helps to eliminate “build-up” residues, hard water minerals and heavy metals like iron and copper residues, prepping hair to receive the maximum benefits from…

The Miracle, by Nutraliss, is an effective way to achieve long-lasting hair straightening (that lasts) and velvety, shiny and beautiful hair. No matter where the hair is, The Miracle can help.

The Miracle is a multifunctional solution blended with Plant-Based Proteins Blend, Encapsulated Coffee Oil, Cacao, UV filters, Hemisqualane Chelating agents that helps to reduce volume and frizz, repair and strengthen the hair fiber while sealing hair cuticles, leaving a velvety and luxurious touch with a sublime long-lasting straightening effect.

The Miracle will make your customers’ hair look healthier and smoother while taming frizz and flyaways while its chelaging assets helps to remove “build-up” residues, hard water mineral and heavy metal salts, “freeing” hair to receive The Miracle.

In addition to its long-lasting straight effect, The Miracle also offers multiple salon services, such as Brazilian Smoothing, Instant Shine Brushing, Volume & Frizz Reduction, and Curls Definition, among others. You can learn more about all possible protocols using The Miracle by scanning the QR Code in this bottle.

How to use: Divide the clean and damp hair into four sections. From the nape of the nech, apply The Miracle using a brush and combing to remove the excess of product. , Pause for 15-90 minutes. Rinse. Blow-dry and flat-iron thin strands until achieve the desired straightening effect.


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