The Heat Protector


The Carbon Secret, by Nutraliss, is a professional shampoo that helps to eliminate “build-up” residues, hard water minerals and heavy metals like iron and copper residues, prepping hair to receive the maximum benefits from…

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The Heat Protector, by Nutraliss, is a lightweight and quickly-absorbed leave-in that protects hair against damage from solar radiation and thermal processes, such as brushing and straightening, while leaving hair always soft, shiny and hydrated.

It contains encapsulated UV filters released slowly and gradually all day, protecting effectively and for a prolonged time, helping in color maintenance by preventing fading and drying in dyed and bleached hair.

How to use: Apply a small amount in your hands and spread it all over the length of clean and damp hair. Do not rinse and style as desired.


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The Heat Protector

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