The Lipid Booster

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The Carbon Secret, by Nutraliss, is a professional shampoo that helps to eliminate “build-up” residues, hard water minerals and heavy metals like iron and copper residues, prepping hair to receive the maximum benefits from…

The Lipid Booster, by Nutraliss, is a lightweight hair fibers repairing emulsion biomimetic plant-based proteins of soy, corn and wheat that forms a composition of aminioacids in equivalent proportion than those found in natural hair.

This “biomimesis” provides an instant assimilation and a consequent better acceptance, absorption and action in hair structure. Combined with the power of Hemisqualane and T-Enzyme, our exclusive blend of Tannin and Fruit Enzymes, The Protein Filler can naturally reproduces all the aminoacids presents in the natural keratin from hair from a plant-based natural source.

Its low molecular weight allows it to penetrate inside hair structure deeply repairing, nourishing, reducing frizz and hydrating from roots to the tip, maintaining the humidity and keeping the hair hydrated, nourished, repaired with a luxury touch and magnificent.

It helps to enhance hair natural keratin protecting hair structure from damage of sun, heat processes like brushing and flat-iron and harsh tensoactives like sulfates-based shampoos. In addition, it provides a “Plex” protection by enhancing hair strenghth before and after chemical oxidative processes, like bleaching, color and hair straightening.

How to use: Apply a small amount in your hands and spread it over wet hair using a comb or a brush. Envolve hair in a plastic cap, towel or a plastic film to keep humidity and enhances performance. Let it act from a 5-30 minutes, according the required result. Rinse thoroughly and style as desired.


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